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Forms: folil, folilsad

v (len- `follow') follows; cleaves to: bec leis cach lucht lán fonlen | conontuc d'óenuch Thalten `too little [he thinks] each full load that follows us till he has brought us to the Fair of Tailtiu' (each ample portion that accrues to us ?) Metr. Dinds. iv 160 (transl. v 142 ). bla imfodla crícha doteit uisce glaisi airm fodlenat in da comorba imdabiad for cechtar in da leithe, H 3.18. 14a `where the two coarbs follow it' Laws iv 144.10 Comm. (where (the lands of) the two c. adjoin ?). ? fut. folil mu menmain dia éis, Ériu ii 95 § 1 . is de féin folil a phían his punishment will adhere to himself 208 § 28 . folilsad it would remain sticking (?) BDD 38 (`the branch would support it' Stokes). Cf. foilileam .i. foileanam I follow, ... adhere ... P. O'C.

See foilenmain.