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Forms: folina, fodlína, fulina, folínfea, furoillissemni, follintar, conrufailnither

v pres. 3 s. folina Ml 122d5 . fodlína Wb 14b7 . subj. pres. fulina Ml 45c10 . fut. folínfea Wb 12d14 . ? pret. ma furoillissemni .i. digail Ml 100d8 (so Thurn., Thes. i 341 n . , and Ped. ii 567 ; `if we have deserved' as if from fo-slī, Thes.). Pass. pres. s. follintar Ml 123a10 . subj. 3 conrufailnither Wb 1a9 . Vn. fuillned, fuilled, q.v.

Fills up, makes up, supplies: gl. supplere Wb 12d14 , Ml 45c10 122d5 ; implere Wb 24d25 . a ndudesta ... con- rufailnither á mé Wb 1a9 . sic follintar assa chanoín thus it is supplied from its text Ml 123a10 . lethdechnad ... is dindala deach fil i ndechnad mār folintar .i. di luibenchosaig it is made up of one of the two syllabic groups which are in `dechnad már', to wit the hexasyllabic IT iii 8 § 8 (iarsinní folintar ondara dech- ... .i.o luibenchosaig v.l.). ní coir forran ... d'imbirt fair, acht amal fholínfus, uair is lestar honorach don chomdid in corp PH 5981 (corpori ... praestanda est eleemosyna, ne corpus suum ultra mensuram compescat p. 447 ); `as much as [the body] will bear' Atk.; as will fill it, i.e. suffice (?).

See fuillid.