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Last Revised: 2019

cip dune lasimb asu tairgille n-airiu oldáte smachta; is foma do cach recht oca mbiat 'whoever should think a fore-pledge in respect of them more convenient than fines, the choice (?) belongs to the person on whose land they are', Bechbretha 64 § 26 . foma gl. .i. is fo a mhaith [no is rogo] no is foemhta, Bechbretha 64 § 26 gl. c . foma i. coimgech, ut est cip duine lasa n-asu tairgille n-airriu ... is fomu do cach recht lasa mbiat .i. is cuimgech .i. is fo a maith. Nó is foemtha nó is rogu nó is cuimcech do cach richt duine oca mbit beich, O'Dav. 985 .