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Forms: forcmad, fortacomai, fortchomi, forcmi, forcomat, -forcmat, -forcmaid, -forcmatis, -forcmastar, fordomchomaither, forcmaidder, forcmaid

v O.Ir. forms : ipv. 3 s. forcmad LL 294b15 ( ZCP xi 88.1 ). pres. 3 s. fortacomai Ml 29a3 . fortchomi Sg 176b2 . ni forcmi 188a30 . 3 pl. forcomat 167b1 . -forcmat 157b9 . pres. subj. 2 pl. -forcmaid, Ériu ii 196 . past subj. 3 pl. -forcmatis Sg 149a5 . pret. 3 s. -forcmastar LL 123b7 ( Ériu xii 200 ). Pass. pres. s. fordomchomaither (gl. seruor) Sg 139b2 . cf. forcmaidder .u. ┐ .o. (gl. manent ... immo- tabiles) 11a2 . In Mid. Ir. treated as simple vb. forcmaid ; occas. deponent in subj.

(a) keeps (in possession), preserves, retains (always this sense in Glosses) ; in Sg translates Lat. servare. forcmaid epscop B. in port, Trip. 140.7 (fórcmaid 1614 ). forcomat nad comraicet `they watch (? keep) what they do not get' [?] Tec. Corm. § 16.87 . flaith forcomat ind naeb ┐ ind ḟíreoin the kingdom [i.e. heaven] which the holy and righteous retain (secure) LL 371a39 (cf. in flaith atcosnait ... in fireoin ZCP iv 243.25 ). Passing into sense reserves, assigns: forcomo so frissin ferthaigis LL 289b9 ; `this [duty] I entrust to the major-domo' Stokes RC xiii 444 (possibly 3rd pers. or subj. 2 s. ?). Cf. also : in forcmaither aes sainretheach don fir midhboth ... ? forcmaither is a special age determined for ? Laws iv 300.9 ( Críth G. § 6 ).

(b) keeps, observes, practises : cf. conforcmat dliged inna ṅdiuite in menicc they often preserve the l w of the simple (words) Sg 21b14 . forcmad mo briathra ZCP xi 88.1 . nis cuir bel dilsi dian fir forcmaither express pledges are not forfeit if truth be observed ZCP xii 365.1 . anti forcomh cresene ZCP iii 452.17 . [nech] nāt forcmai a sōiri (i.e. of the Sabbath), Anecd. iii 23.10 . mani forcmaid (ḟorchomad, forcmad v.l., cf. Arch. iii 10 n. 5 ) in domnach ina críchaib córaib, Ériu ii 196 § 10 . nach oen ... forcomedar mo riaguil, Mon. Tall. § 6 (dep. subj.). má forcomathar reacht bán- bathisi `if thou observe' O'Gr. Cat. 100.6 . cf. mad forcoma- thar recht mbān mbathis, H 3.17, c. 520 (misread `for- conathach', O'Don. 712 ).