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Forms: forrochuirsetar, forcurt[h]ar, forcorad

v (a) casts upon, throws upon: cf. in fer forda corsatar (-goirsetar v.l.) Hy v 66 , gl. by: forrochuirsetar (`on whom they cast them' i.e. weapons, Thes. ii 343 ; but possibly refl.).

(b) overthrows, overpowers: forrolaid in gaeth sin ... a puplu BB 496a36 ( IT ii2 101 ; this may be for fo-rálaig, cf. fo-álgi). Esp. forces, violates: forcorastar a [fiair] tria meisce, Rawl. 143b9 . gabais laim ingine F. ... ┐ fordos- carastar 131b24 (possibly there is a confusion with doscara here; cf. gabais A. a láim ┐ dostascar LU 1654 ). fordorolái Ailill, Anecd. i 51 § 8 . Pass. pres. ben forcurt[h]ar , Laws v 272.5 . pret. ba i ndithruib forcorad , Caratnia 39 .

(c) lays hands on, appropriates (?): la Patraic in chell. fordosrala muinter Choluim Chille, Trip.² 1089 ( Trip. 96 ) = contenderunt eum ib. Trip.² p. 59n . ( Arm. 11v6 ).

vn. forcor, q.v.