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Forms: forgellim, fortgillim, -fuirgle, -foirgla, fort- gellat, faridgellad, for- rugéll, forrogelsam, forgell, fotroirgell, fortroirgeall, for-ar-forgaillset, forgl-, foirgl-, forglim, nodforglem, rosforgaill, roforglestar, fortgellat, fortgillim

v ā Pres. 1 s. forgellim Sg 21b12 . fortgillim Wb 4b27 . 3 s. -fuirgle, -foirgla, Bürgsch. 21 § 62 . 3 pl. fort- gellat Ml 23c15 . past subj. 3 s. faridgellad 131d12 (for the infixes in these see Thurn. Gr. § 423 ). Perf. 3 s. for- rugéll Ml 97a12 . 1 pl. forrogelsam ni Wb 25d20 . Vn. forgell (forcell). 3 s. perf. fotroirgell SR 3385 , Corm. Y 756 , is due to false analysis; cf. fortroirgeall, Ériu xiii 30.10 - 11 (see Thurn., Gr. § 529 ). for-ar-forgaillset PH 3305 . seems reduplication of preverb. In Mid. Ir. commonly treated as simple vb., stem forgl-, foirgl-: pres. 1 s. forglim LU 10271 , pl. nodforglem LL 164a15 ; perf. 3 s. rosforgaill 45b4 ; roforglestar, Cog. 180.21 .

(a) gives superior testimony; testifies, attests, passing into sense avers, affirms: gl. contestare Ml 97a12 . perhibere Sg 21b12 . foirglidís .i. do mhionnaighdís, O'Cl. a forcell forrogelsamni dúib di laithiu brátho Wb 25d20 . nimthog- aitha mo chocubus ar is in spirut noíb fortgillim (gl. testi- monium mihi perhibente conscientia mea in spiritu sancto) 4b27 . ni fuirgle nech ... ni nād āirithe (.i. nocha forglithi do neoch ... in ni nach deimin lais), Laws i 84.11 (22) = H 3.17, 401 (forgle). nach inraic nach fiadnaisi nad fuirgle fir for naimde na [c]airde, Bürgsch. p. 21 § 62 . nach inraic nach fiadnaise nad foirgla ib. ni forgli ní nat accai thou shalt not attest what thou hast not seen Ériu ii 227.24 . ni rig tuath nand[ḟ]orgella tri rig do rigaib tuaithi who does not oversway three local kings Laws v 50.12 Comm. [aire] forgill fortgella for gradha `whose testimony is superior to' BCrólige § 46 . in scriptúir ... forgles in gním n-uasal PH 3673 . ro forgellsat fiad cach thur: is fír forstā Lucifur SR 1839 . foircclit an lucht as eolach co fuil ..., Cog. 90.27 . Common in adducing confirmatory evidence: amal fort- gella sin in fáith co n-epert ... PH 4007 . amal fortgella in scriptúir ..., co n-apair ... 4054 . amar fhorglit na faibli guacha, TTebe 785 . In cheville: foirglim feacht BNnÉ 254 § 211 . With petrified infixed 3 s. pron. ( Thurn. Gr. § 423 ): fortgellat a gnimai ... nad ndergini som a n-uile sin his deeds attest Ml 23c15 . fortgellam cech ndūis ... ar n-idain we pledge every treasure that we are innocent SR 3581 . tri mairb fortgellat for biu three dead [inanimate] that bear witness against the live Triads 138 . fortgillim, Fél. Ep. 145, 167 . Declares (an intention, etc.), vows: forrogellsat ... no ragtais i tír nEgept SR 6774 . fotroirgell ... nā gēbad ... ētach nā hōr 3385 . roforgill Niall nā gēbhadh ... acht bás Eachdach ind ZCP xiv 214.3 . fotroirgell [Patraic] a briathar nā bad ..., Corm. Y 756 = roforgell nā bud, Thr. Ir. Gl. 25 .

(b) With pers. obj. calls to witness, invokes: intan fort- gella in ri | in ri aile nat aicci (i.e. prays to God), Ériu v 240 . Pátric fortgella cech rí `whom every king invokes' Met. Dinds. iv 158 ; quoted by O'Cl. s.v. foirtghealla, with gl. .i. do ní fiadhnaisi ar gach rígh. fortgellaimm Dia ┐ Barre, Aisl. MC 27.4 .

(c) with FOR of pers., enjoins, commands: co forcled for cách a n-adrad PH 968 . ro forcaill forro diciunn a saeirsi ... do chaithim fris, Marco P. 17 .

See also forglide, -thi.