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Last Revised: 2019

n io stump of the neck: úaigthe cend Corpri . . . / do airsciu Echdach i Tethbai i.e. the head of Cairpre was put on the neck of E. when he was buried at T., LL 14089 . i ndigail chind m' atharsa rucad leis coro adnacht fri a.¤ Echdach, 14049 . dórtais Macc cecht in cúach n-usci inn airsci ┐ im-méde Conaire (ina airsciu (.i. in meidhe) intí C. v.l.) (C. had asked for a drink before dying and having his head cut off), BDD 157 . a heriscibh (hairscib v.l.) urtescthaibh, CCath. 962 . saidhit na slegha sin i n-airrscib na fer ro marbsat 'they thrust those points in behind the necks of the men whom they slew', ITS xli 140 § 321 . airrsci .i. méidhe, O'Cl.