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n in gramm. the mark of long quantity , denoted by the letter s (sail) over a vowel: f.¤ dano sail fair, air i[s] sail scribt[h]ar ig incosc na forbaide sin, ar is for fut bis f.¤ , Auraic. 1562 , cf. 435 . in tan tra is f.¤ foridmbi when it is the mark of length that is on it Corm. Bodl. s.v. lāith ( Corm. Y 811 ).

sail = `the letter s,' here stands for síniud ` lengthening ' ( i[s] sīniud na haimsire do forni [sic leg.] sail, Auraic. 1565 ), see Thurneysen, ZCP xvii 298 .