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Forms: forus, forus, foris, forois, foris, forsib, foirsib, foras, faras

n o, u, n. (for decl. cf. dorus). n s. a forus sae, Cáin Ad. 28 . d s. forus, Wb. 15d34 . g s. foris, 9c1 et pass. forois, Sg. 138a7 . n p. cf. inna foris , Ml. 63c6 , which seems corrupt. d s. forsib, Laws i 288.10 . foirsib, ii 78z . foras m. IGT Decl. § 38 .

As to the suggestion by Pedersen Vgl. Gr. ii 676 that it is the abstr. to fo-ro-finn- (see for-finnadar) see Bergin, Ériu xii 223 . The derivation < forfis given by Asc. is untenable (despite the expl. in Rawl. 105b cited below and: foras fírfhios, O'Cl. Such expls., frequent in Laws only show that the original meaning of the word was then unknown); see Gwynn, KMMisc. p. 183 .


(a) that which is stable; stability; basis, foundation, bottom , the orig. sense acc. to Gwynn loc. cit.; in older texts generally in fig., in later also in lit. sense. í f.¤ cen oclatid at rest, unmoved (gl. in longanimitate Wb. 15d34 (`in knowledge' Edd. Thes., taking gloss to refer to the preceding in scientia. Bergin suggests `in firmness' Ériu xii 223 ). cen nī don dīni bai i fus | hi suidib fīri hi f.¤ (i.e. who had remained stationary on the hither side, see 1 Sam. xxx 22 ) SR 6464 . iarraidh ḟorais i fudomain (of a hopeless undertaking), CCath. 4396 . atáim ceangailte i láib an ghrinnill ┐ ní fhuil f.¤ ann, TSh. 4188 (= substantia Psalms lxviii 3 ). do thuit tu san bpoll ... is nach bhfoghair foras acht ag gabhail timchioll choidhche, Luc. Fid. 292.16 . grinneal aigéin gan f.¤ `unfathomable ocean-bed' TD 17.52 . This is prob. the sense in the follg. fig. expressions: f.¤ comairle `steadfastness of counsel' Ériu vii 138 (d) = ZCP iii 25.23 . f.¤ fesa (of Cathbad) TBC-LL¹ 5487 St (cf. F.¤ Feasa ar Éirenn, the title of Keating's history (= the firm foundation of knowledge of Ireland ?)). f.¤ úird na healadhna (of a chief), Rel. Celt. ii 272.10 . f.¤ focal (name of a glossary) LL 395a1 . béim forais a driving home (?), fig. a fundamental doctrine, statement of a general principle underlying several previous statements, see Gwynn, KMMisc. p. 178 ff .: beim foris tra anisiu, Wb. 11c3 ( 1 Corinth. x 31 ). is béim foris inso forsna dlígetha remeperthi no is titul in dligid ar chiunn, Wb. 13a29 , similarly 9c1 , 10a12 , 28a11 . beim foirais lessom ánísiu for a remeperthe asrubart riam .i. as hon choimdid forcomnacair a mbrith som isin doiri (gl. A Domino factus est istud ...) Ml. 131c14 , cf. aithbeim forais, 94c13 . beim forois in sin (gl. Et ea per naturam, following descr. of the formations tonstrix, tonstricula from tonsor. Gwynn, KMMisc. 181 , would translate `a statement of principle') Sg. 138a7 . co bráth combad beim forais, SR 6468 (= quasi lex in Israel usque in diem hanc 1 Sam. xxx 25 ). as tusa do raid tosach an cobro, as let beim a foris you began the conversation, it is yours to state the gist of the whole matter ZCP xiii 274.18 . is sí roben beim forais for in lámthorad, LU 10322 = ZCP iii 237.7 . beim forais an aphorism O'Mulc. 578 (see KMMisc. 183 ). indeóin forais something firmly based; a `point d'appui,' fulcrum, base of operations (?): ro múradh ... an toilén ... fo dháigh ná badh carracc cothaighthe ┐ ná budh inneoin ḟorais do dhiberccach é, AFM v 1742.6 . istudh flatha ┐ indeoin forais (of Babylon), CCath. 21 . Of persons: in indeoin forais ┐ an forus breth (of Cicero) ib. 4492 . inneóin ḟoruis Inse Fáil, TD 25.40 . O Cerbhaill ... inneóin forais ┐ uaithne óir na nEileach `anvil of the solidity' AFM v 1408.5 . tabraid for cobais ... rād forais (a statement from the very beginning, an exhaustive account ?) SR 3614 . Cf. further: is cían o tá hi fis ┐ hi f.¤ for tíchtain sund your coming hither has long been a matter of established knowledge LU 1812 ( RC ix 490 ). im Teamhair tír in ḟorais, BB 37b36 . Ard na Riag, raid a foros ` origin ' Metr. Dinds. iii 414 . oldate inna foris di ar n-athraib, Ml. 63c6 (gl. magna a patribus de tuis factis audivimus et maiora [praestolamur]) is almost certainly corrupt. The rendering is Thes. `than the accounts of our fathers' is in any case impossible.

(b) established or fundamental principles of knowledge or science, axioms, apodictic maxims (?): fochmorc foruis (of Ferchertne: investigation of first principles i.e. a final authority ?) Rawl. 108b35 ( RC xxvi 20 ). forus .i. forismus [ = ἀφόρισμος] graece, sermo breuis latine ... unde dicitur : adcomced beim foruis fair [ = O'Mulc. 578 ] nō forus .i. fis for araile ut est is ē in fis in Senchas Mār. is ē in forus Cāin Patraic ┐ Cāin Adomnan , Rawl. 108b36 ff . Cf. foras .i. dligheadh no bunáit. foras chána Adhamnáin, etc., O'Cl. see also under (c) below. a fis, a f.¤, a foirceatol, Ériu iv 146 § 24 . a filidhecht ┐ a f.¤ dhorchaidh `abstruse knowledge' AU iii 572 . a croinicib ┐ a Periges Prescean ┐ a berla forais, BB 488a marg. inf., man. rec. ( IT ii2 96 ). Esp. of legal learning: o Feinib gach foruss, Corm. Y 975 , p. 84 . cach dliged iar f.¤, cach rāth co f.¤ , ACL iii 227.53 . cach f.¤ co slán, cach slan co f.¤ , 60 - 62 (perh. these belong to II). faras ` Reason ' Kirk (gan ḟ.¤ ` unreasonable ' 2 Thessal. iii 2, 1681 = gan chúibhgheas 1602).

(c) hence the principle or enactments of a law, passing occas. into sense of enforcement, sanction (cf. cit. fr. Rawl. 108b above): iss ead in so f.¤ Cana Adomnan ... Oc Birraib forurmed a f.¤ sae for feraib Hērenn, Cáin Ad. 28 . is ed in so f.¤ cána in domnaig, Ériu ii 202 § 20 . f.¤ chano Patricii hi Cruachnibh la Dub da leithi ` promulgation ' AU 782 = AFM 778 . breth ria f.¤, f.¤ ria forba, Cóic Con. p. 30 § 16 (stages in a lawsuit: `Geltend-Erklärung' Thurn., i.e. enforcement of the verdict ?). cēin bīt brethemain fri tasbenad ┐ foros (.i. in fis ōgh asa mberend a brethe), ZCP xii 359.24 . cūlairecht ..., is iat all bis iar g[c]ūl na n-airechta fri breth ┐ f.¤ (.i. fri fīrfis na brethe sin) ib. 17 .

Occurs in late compds. in sense of aged or tried, experienced: foraisbhean .i. bean áosda, O'Cl. na bhforascháirdibh friends of long standing Ó Bruad. iii 192 . forasoglach .i. óglach aosta, O'Cl. ba forasócclach an ionbhaidh sin é ┐ nir bhó túalaing tathugadh a thuath (of an aged chief), Hugh Roe 32.21 (f. 9a) . mna ┐ miondaoine ┐ forusócclaoich old men 124y (f. 33b) . a uaisle, a airigh, ┐ a ḟorusocclaoigh veterans AFM vi 2126.24 .

II A station, resting-place, dwelling. Cf. lethdire foruis, Críth G. 220 . In Laws sometimes glossed by `ārus' and used esp. of a cattle-pound or other place where distrained cattle might be detained (f.¤ n-athgabála), a place appointed for the delivery of animals according to a contract: ni fuil acht tri foruis ann: f.¤ n-acra, f.¤ nditin, f.¤ mbreitheamhun Laws ii 10.24 (glossed .i. tri aruis ib. 27 ). icfai a slan ... a f.¤ to thigi fadein, Bürgschaft 27 § 74c . atdaime for f.¤ ┐ follus ┐ fiadan `Erfüllungsort' 15 § 51b . fuircimsi cobach latsa ar mo chind i maighin an forais, 13 § 44 . fiach domsa huait ... isind f.¤ sa, 15 § 51a . f.¤ fēich, 17 § 52 . raith fuis (.i. raith bis a fosaighecht i f.¤), 41 . f.¤ tuaithe `territory house', Laws iv 302.5 ( Críth G. 57 : `to the appointed place in the territory (?)'; apparently `a public infirmary,' Mac Neill, MacNeill, Law of status 285 ). fer forais `a house-holding man ' (one expl. of `seirthiud') Laws iv 352.1 . ailid fír foirrse an oath requires fixed habitations v 460.16 (= ZCP xvi 270 , but see foirse). atait secht foruis ... arachuille coir n-athgabala ... a n-āin i tech mbriugud, ... cathuir uasalnemid, tech bid fas. Otha suidiu dligi cach f.¤ n-athgabala dia faithce fodesin (i.e. there are seven illegal pounds for cattle; these apart, anyone may detain them in his own green) Laws v 266.19 . a tabairt (na athgabala) ... a f.¤ dona secht forsib, i 288.10 . See also s.v. foíndel (c). Rucus: f.¤ n-athgabāla, i n-alachrích I decided that it was lawful (in the case) to impound beyond the territory Caratnia 49 . dermadach forais forgetful about the place appointed for fulfilling the contract Bürgschaft 31 § 84 .

Defining gen.: seirthiud [sic leg.] .i. oclach do daghcenel no fer forais `a householding man' Laws iv 352.1 . ? cf. sentuindi foraiss, Cóir Anm.² i 103 § 104 (Ed. 7) ​​​. rath foruis, Bürgschaft 28 § 76a ( .i. aga mbi arus, 41 ). .uii. muca co muic ḟorais `domestic boar (?)' Críth G. 90 (a `resident sow' the remaining seven being expendable and replaceable ?). tuirc ḟorais `domestic boars' 195 .

Cf. apad ┐ forais, Cáin Ad. 39 . na .iii. foruis .i. cain ┐ cairde ┐ urrudus, no fogelt ┐ bleith ┐ dithim, H 3.17, c. 4 , 35 ( O'D. 5 ). filidh fíora forusda, f.¤ teora mbreth, breth Féne, breth filedh saoir, breth fuighill, Ériu xiii 32.6 . ... fuigheall fri f.¤ fath, 33y . ? dlighedh do feghar for f.¤ firinnsge, 26.6 .