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Forms: furoillissem

v earns ; incurs (liabilities, etc.) : cid fosli rath ? Ni hannsa : obud caoimtechta, ceim fri tiagarna ... fosli dirf- [leg. dire] iarna gráduibh, ZCP xvi 213 ( Nero A vii f. 154a , O'D. 2230 ) explained by Thurn. l.c. to mean : what liabilities (on part of tenant) are incurred by a loan of stock from the lord ? A refusal to accompany (the lord) ... incur a penalty according to the rank of the lord). dilis cach fuilliud, cach fuillem foruilleth [ = foruillter .i. agartar, O'Dav. 948 ] forsin ceile which are incurred by the tenant Laws ii 270.28 . ? 1 pl. perf. furoillissem, Ml. 100d8 is rendered in Thes. as though it were from this vb. ; by Ped. and Thurn. (footnote, Thes.) referred to fo-lína. Cf. fuillither .i. smacht fri follugud (?). H 3.18, 257b23 ( O'Curry 507 ). Vn. fuillem, q.v. See also fuillid.