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Forms: -fothadar, -aire

v -fothadar ( Ir. Law 42 ). See Thurneysen, ZCP xiii 300 . Maintains, provides sustenance for; in Laws regularly glossed by fossaigid or fothaigid: fosuidither (.i. fosaigidh) boairig [leg. -aire ?] anaile `one boaire chief entertains another' Laws ii 380.12 ( Ir. Law 42 ). ni foth- aidter (.i. nocon fothaigeann) ib. (v.l. ni fothadar, Ir. Law 42 ). The glossator here seems to connect the verb with fáesam, see Ir. Law 43 . fosuididter in ben lethdā[i]m in fir `the woman may entertain half the company of the man' Laws ii 386.6 ( Ir. Law 51 ). fal fosuidigtear dagnadmaim (.i. in ime doni in ti ac a fosaigter degfonaidm trebaire) Laws v 506.11 (508.11) . im boin fosuidethar carrudh which sustains the champions ( ZCP xiii 300 ) Laws i 124.8 (cf. H 3.17, c. 405 cited s.v. fo-sisedar, d). Rare in lit.: fosuidiur a ndano ┐ a ndibergai IT i 141.26 (Comp. Con. C.) = f.¤ a ndámha, etc. ZCP v 503.16 . fossudiur a ndána ┐ a ndiberga LU 10291 (T.Emere) = fossaidier, etc. ZCP iii 236.3 .