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v exercises, practises (an occu- pation, pursuit, virtue, etc.); applies labour, etc. to; serves, esp. serves in office, renders service or goods in return for, performs reciprocal services . In Laws glossed by fo-gní imm = ` serves with, in the matter of ,' see below: ni bi i fledaib ... frisgní (gl. non in honore aliquo ad saturitatem carnis) Wb 27b3 . in dán frisgniat the craft they practise Ml 37b12 . inna ṅdáne frisgniat ┐ ataimet Sg 33a25 . cend con forsin cāinti, ar is inann dān frisgniat they practise the same craft Corm. Y 222 (= fogníít LB). ní gaīs frisgní LL 278a28 (= Ériu i 68 ). Cf. óes legind frichnait heris FA 27 LB (= pridchait LU 2192 ). is aire na rotcet [ = roichet ?] som [viz. baird] acht lethenecland na filed, fo bīth nā frith- gnat ar ní direnar ... nad frithgnai nad frithgnaither uad why the bards attain only half the honor-price of the filid is because they do not give reciprocal service (?), for those who do not give or receive reciprocal service (?) are not recompensed IT iii 6.6 (= BB 296b34 ). Cf. the rendering given above s.v. fili, IT iii col. 134. 25 , which is too vague. Cf. ib. 23.2 cited s.v. frithgnam. is cach feistidh fiach frisgní marbfolta the service which corresponds to the goods of the deceased is due to the residuary legatee (? See festid) O'Dav. 896 (= O'Don. 2225 , see s.v. festid). dilis do ceilib ... seóit ... acht fris- rognat a flaithe provided they have rendered due services to their lords Laws ii 262.2 ( ZCP xiv 362 ). ma frisrognaither flaith foltaib (.i. madia fognaigter in flaith imna foltaib dliges) `if services [reciprocal services] have been rendered to the chief' Laws ii 318.8 ( ZCP xiv 385 ). frisgnither gellaib (.i. gell do ┐ uad) BCrólige 60 . ma frisrognaither co ngaire tēchta. mani frithrognaither (.i. ma tainic aimser in fognuma imin mbiadh. muna thainic ..., where `tainic' seems = `has expired') Laws ii 322.3 ( ZCP xiv 387 ). dia frith- gnaiter leighis `if medical attendance be supplied' [applied ?] Laws ii 166.3 Comm .

See frithgnam.