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adv (cf. eng `track'). Only in phrase: i f.¤ backwards, back, in the reverse direction , either with poss. pron. or gen. of conair or some similar word: do imtigh si i f.¤ na conaire back the same way (apparently = homewards ) Moling § 5 . rosoidistar a f.¤ in sēta [sic] cētna, Arch. iii 311.11 . i f.¤ na conairi TBC 684 St = i frithdruing LL. ní cuimgedh ... impódh a f.¤ [i fritset v.l.] na conaire cétna, CCath. 2314 . impogh a fritheing na conaire cedna St. Ercuil 1657 . do iompodh ... a bhḟrithring [sic] na conaire ML 16.12 = ina rithing ML² 225 . a ffritheing na conaire dōip se lēige, Fl. Earls 54.20 . luidh ... doridisi ina fritheng RC xii 62 § 22 . tidecht na rithing aridisi, Aisl. MC 13.29 . tucc an rí arís na rithing o pianaibh ifrinn brought back the king BNnÉ 220.11 . tug ... tarrang ar an sleigh ina fritheing = attempted to withdraw the spear (from a wound) MR 286.8 . ro raoineadh orra suas ina ffritheing co hAth luain they were driven back FM ii 936.8 .

Passing into sense again: luidh Brenainn ... for muincinn mara ina f.¤ dorísi BNnÉ 64 § 93 . doraithne in grian ina f.¤ dar colair fhuinidh 24 § 7 . In fig. sense ? fear déarca do dhéanamh ... i bhf.¤ no i bhfásach one who bestowed alms whether with return or without (?) Hackett xl 230 .

Sometimes without sense of return: ro gluais [Hercuil] a fritheing in tseda docum Palus, St. Ercuil 1272 = `toke his way toward the Palus' Lefevre ( Sommer 390 ). Cf. ní ḟaca tusa ... lá creiche Chl.M. an tóir ag tocht id f.¤ , Aithd.D. 37.42 .