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(mess) n u, m.

(a) a counter-judgement; doubt, apprehension: ci o morfrithmius (gl. quantoque de futuris suspicio) Ml. 96b10 .

(b) a valuation or estimate (? counter-valuation): ni mac bradas finntiga | fine fri fod frithmeasa | munab neasa fircoibneas | mathair athair in orba `it is not a son that obtains the property of a tribe in ground to be valued unless the title to the land be nearer to his mother than to his father' Laws iv 44.3 , with gloss: .i. o fir-meisemnaigter fine maithri beth a faitchius ris ib. 20 (where as usual in such glosses frith- is equated with fír-); `a son does not take family land even to land which is restorable to the fine' Stud. in E. Ir. Law 150 [when there is caution as regards conflicting judgements (?)]. The parallel passage in H 3.18, p. 388a-b ( O'Curry 858 ): fri fot frithmesa .i. cein mbes innfine ina mathar oc frith[t]omus frisin mac, suggests that fot frithm. may be = sod of contested valuation, the ownership of which is open to question. The gloss in Laws iv however suggests that `fod' here belongs to 2 fót `watchfulness' and perh. the line means roughly with (= when there is) caution lest the fine should reverse the decision.