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n u, m. (slicht) in Laws used adverbially in the technical expression: fasc f.¤ `notice in the reverse track '; after a distraint of cattle, notice had to be sent to a defendant by the track along which the cattle had been driven in order to enable him to follow up and redeem them: frithsrethar fasc f.¤ , Laws i 268.11 ( .i. firinnsither ar do rith a firfuillecht do breith faisc na athgabála, 302.9 ). ised is fasc f.¤ ann, a breith inunn in conuir tuccad amach in athgabail ii 14.12 Comm . cin co fasg frithslechta no cin cu fasg in treas breither [sic] ib. 13 . fasc f.¤ ┐ fasc in tres breithir ┐ fasc in anadh itir, i 226.3 . fax frithlecht , H 3.17, c. 42.7 ( Laws i 104.14 ).