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Forms: f., fuillned, fuilled, f., fuillead, fulti, fuillti

n u, o, m. (vn. of fo-lína ; d s. f.¤ , Ml. 69b6 . fuillned, 26c6 . g p. fuilled, LL 297b3 . There are a few exx. of eclipsis after n s.: f.¤ ngua, Ériu ix 46 § 8 v.l. cf. is fuillead n-urbada tirchana, CCath. 1038 .

Sometimes confused in spelling with fuillem, q.v.

(a) filling up, completing (the orig. sense) : bertair ... briathra asin stoir ... do fuillned inna salm to complete the psalms Ml. 26c6 . briathar in so do fuilled isin salm `a verb to be added' 69b6 . tuilleadh fuilleadh (ón médachadh) = t., f. (meaning increase) IGT, Verbs § 71 .

(b) in Mid. Ir. adding to, supplementing ; an addition, increase: combad ḟ.¤ fria hallud an increase to her fame Metr. Dinds. i 6 . cf. muna tartar for f.¤ frís as an addition Laws iv 22.15 Comm. (leg. forfuilled ?) see forfuillid). gach fer ... no aisnedeadh scela Cesair ... dobered fen fuillead friu, CCath. 766 . Folld. by part. gen. : co ndearna mac E. fuilliud in peccaidh committed an additional sin BB 208b16 (Todd Todd Nenn. 184 ). f.¤ ro-imarcraid `more than enough' [?] MacCongl. 21.4 . dobhéra fuilledh airm duit `he will give thee more weapons' MR 278.20 . acc tóchuiredh fuillidh slóigh reinforcements AFM vi 1926.5 . d'iarraid fuillidh consulachta an extension of (his) consulship CCath. 387 . Cf. ar huilleth n-oismentai increase of knowledge ZCP vii 305.24 . pl. coro tinoltis lónti ┐ fulti slóig, LL 242a23 ( TTr. 1887 = a loinne ┐ fuilti a sloig, BB 434a20 ; ut ... posset ... exercitum reparare Dares xxii ). teora fuilti ind Auraicepta .i. huath ┐ forsail ┐ arnin additional signs added to letters (i.e. the marks indicating mutation and quantity) Auraic. 430 = fuillti, 2877 . Freq. in computations, expressions of time, etc.: di bliadain coícat for cét co ḟ.¤ more than 152 years LB 190a34 ( PH 1065 ). ré bhliadhna go ffuilledh, Ériu viii 134.26 . cethrar ┐ ceithri cét | i b[f]uilliud óen mile déc in addition to eleven thousand Fél. 150.27 . tabuir in t-ochtmadh sin a fuilledh in lethe `add it to the half' Laws iv 84.4 Comm. fuilledh for díbh cédaibh each above two hundred horses AFM vi 2208.10 .

(c) in Laws text used to denote apparently some extra payment above a fine, contract, etc., generally in connection with `fuillem' (q.v.) ; the words are translated respectively `addition' and `interest', but the distinction is not clear and the words are themselves hopelessly confused by the scribes in spelling : cach n-ecubus cona dire ┐ a fuilliud (.i. in aithgin), SM Facs. 29a ( Laws ii 232.26 ). mad beodile, co n-as ┐ los ┐ fuillem (.i. in inorbairt .i. in lacht) ┐ fuilliud (.i. in diablad .i. in dire), SM Facs. 42a ( Laws ii 376.3 , of restitution of cattle unlawfully carried off ; the gloss explains `los' as the calves, `ās' [?] as the growth of the cattle during detention, `fuillem' as their milk and `fuilliud' as the fine). Cf. gert ┐ indoth ┐ fuillim ┐ colainn feich `Verdopplung' Bürgschaft 26 § 71 . fuilliumh ┐ los ┐ gert `Verdopplung' 26. 9 - 12 .

cach meath ... cach fuilliud (.i. in aithgin) cach fuillem foruilleth for sin ceili, SM Facs. 32b ( Laws ii 270 ; `every addition, every interest' ; ZCP xiv 365 , `jeder Zuschlag, jeder Zins'). co fuilliud (.i. in diablad .i. in aithgin) co fuillem (.i. in diablad), SM Facs. 34a ( Laws ii 286 , ZCP xiv 373 ). cf. fuilliud (.i. in diablad) ┐ fuillem (.i. in eneclann .i. in chumal) SM Facs. 35a ( Laws ii 304 ). Cf. cisne tri gealla nad fuilled do flaithib Ériu xiii 33.27 .

See tuilled.