1 fuin

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Forms: fuingniaid

n (cf. 1 fuined, fuinide).

(a) setting, sinking; sunset: Dia lim fri f.¤, Dia lim fri fāir (.i. fri turgbāil), Corm. Y 605 . iar f.¤ gréne, Metr. Dinds. iii 280 . bíth in findbile ria f.¤ `before sunset' ib. 94 . siar co f.¤ , LL 10b4 = Leb. Gab.(i) i 154 (where it is glossed: co fuineadh greiniu). in ba maiden in ba f.¤ , LB 172b marg. inf. Cf. i f.¤ in laí `at the close of the day' Grail 3454 (a fuinedh lai v.l.).

(b) end: cf. the only ex. in Glosses, Sg. 36a2 , where f.¤ glosses matuta (quae Auroram significat), a sense hard to reconcile with the general use;cf. however: co f.¤ maitne, Ériu ii 194 § 6 n.4 = co teirt (text), i.e. the end of morning. .i. crioch, O'Cl. ionann `f.¤' ┐ críoch, ón bhfocal so Laidne `finis', Keat. i p.98 . fola f.¤ `end of blood-shedding' Fianaig. 14 § 28 [but perhaps the line should read: crib fodaroinn fola f.¤ quickly the falling of blood stains it (?) See n. p.19 ]. fa f.¤ don cogudh, ZCP vi 50.8 . dochuadar as uile ... ní mairend Fial ar a f.¤ after them Acall. 3264 . a f.¤ a betha `at the close of his life' Grail 2889 . tabraid ... cain dona Lochlannachaib co f.¤ forever ZCP vi 98.1 . fearr f.¤ fleidh[e] `ná tós gioraic (prov.), Hard. ii 400 . `arceo finem' given as an alternative rendering of `arco fuin,' Corm. Y 20 is undoubtedly an error; see 2 fuin.

(c) hiding, concealment (?); fig. = burial (?): fri f.¤ .i. fri folach , Corm. Y 605 (omitted in LB). f.¤ [.i.] folach, Stowe Gl. 368 ; Lec. Gl. 322 . do cuiredh in mac beg a f.¤ ... fo bhēl in choire, Cóir Anm. 54 . ? sgél go bhfairbrigh [sic leg.] ar f.¤ `a story which has a secret meaning' Gleanings from Irish manuscripts 16§15 (ar f.¤ ` concealed ' p. 25 n .).

Compd. fuingnia a champion of the west (land): luath hi longaib luaided fairrci fuingniad, Rawl. 115a24 ( Ält. Ir. Dicht. i 39 , where Meyer emends: fuingniaid, appositional dat.).