2 gairge

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n (garg), , f. roughness, bluntness (of a warrior), boldness, fierceness . Seems to be used in a more favourable sense than gairbe, and, unlike the latter, is not used of purely physical qualities. co ṅgairgi gossa, Metr. Dinds. iii 108.2 . ar a n-gaircce ... agus ar a febas a n-ersclaighi, TBC-LL¹ 5654 St. nāmthī garga fri slūagh nArda, ACL iii 297 § 55 . gretha grainne congairgge, SR 8138 . buirbe ... gart, gairgi is cruas, MR 150.11 . Anecd. ii 49.6 . gnim cen gairge (a cheville) i 54.1 . co lin sciath co ngairgi nglond, BB 52b14 . gūaire .i. ūasal nō gairci, Corm. Y 729 (second part of definition evidently applies to guaire bristle).