aith-, ath-

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Forms: aith-, ath-

prep. prefix forming compounds with nouns, adjj. and verbs, leniting. For the O. Ir. forms see GOI § 824 . In later lang. aith- is usual before palatals, ath- before non-palatals. Before following dentals delenition took place (for the phonetics cf. GOI § 148 , IGT Introd. § 49 ), and the resulting consonant was voiceless even when the second element began with d- (the phonetic form is somet. obscured by etymological spellings). See aithtinól, aithTemair, ? attain, attochomlad, attoga, attoísech, attráchtad; aitdelb, aitdénam, aithdliged, aitdebaid, attá(i)l, atdánaigthe, etc. With verbs and verbal nouns corresponds in sense to Latin re-, with nouns second, a further, with nouns indicating persons ex- (as in aithrí deposed king), worn out, degenerate. Freq. with merely intensive force.