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n ā, f. an indefinite word meaning any of the by-products of cattle except their young, cf. Thurneysen, ZCP xvi 211 . Gen. used of milk. gert .i. lacht (.i. blicht F.), O'Dav. 1032. cen gert ferbba (.i. cen loim no cen geilt) fora n-assa athirni (.i. loeg), LU 562 = RC xx 158.22 (ACC Comm.). lethgert .i. ... leith in lachta, O'Curry 440 ( H 3.18, 237a ). ās acus los ocus geart the growth, the calves and the milk, ZCP xv 240 § 3 = Laws ii 196.7 ; cf. 198.z . a ngeart glossed lacht, ib. iv 90.11 . itir fuilledh, ocus los, ocus gert, 164.5 Comm. g s. log gertha (gerta v.l.) cacha bó, iv 316.1 . Sometimes explained as manure: gert .i. tuar, O'Don. Supp. (s.v. gert , < H 3.18, 379 = O'Curry 827 ). gert, in tuar, Laws ii 200.1 Comm. ass ocus los, ocus gert ... ocus is e in gert hisin screpall ar miaslach bo moire no daimh riata, 210.y Comm. ar gert na mor-innil (sic leg.), 220.8 Comm. ceithri ba in gerta ... se bu dec in lachta, 18 - 19 . Cf. also 220.1-2 where miaslach and gert are each used of manure ( ZCP xv 225 ). Used to include milk and manure: gert ┐ indoth `das Produkt (Milch und Dünger) und der Wurf,' Bürgschaft 26 § 71 . gert .i. in blicht ┐ in tuar, H 2.15A, p. 57b ( O'Don. Supp. s.v. tuar ). co ngert .i. in lacht ocus in tuar, Laws ii 388.29 Comm.