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m. vn. of aithḟégaid.

(a) In Laws Comm. act of considering, taking into account, reckoning with (of a fine or payment or other legal prescription): maig[n?]i ┐ cricha d'athfegad as in baile in ro gabadh iat co forus in feicheman toich[e]da places and territories are to be taken into consideration (i.e. with regard to the feeding of cattle on the move from one place to another), i 110.25 . co na beth re niubaili daithfegadh riu . . ., acht aithgin dic don athair ann, ii 170.19 . nocha nfuilit beo sgartha daithfegadh itir in cele ┐ a ri fein are not to be considered, 316.5 . co na beth eniclann n-aissi d'athfegad doib itir no co roistis fuiririud a n-aisi that no honour-price . . . be taken into account in their case . . ., v 86.15 . Perh. also: atat da aithfeghad for imchomarc .i. imchomarc iar n-inni thoirni ┐ imchomarc iar n-airbhirt nan-airbírenn bith two points of view(?), Auraic. 1894 .

(b) comparison (betw. two things). Note the transitional ex.: nochum ḟuil cuibdius daithfegad eturru ┐ aiti ┐ muime there is no proper basis of comparison between them (him?) and the fosterparents, Laws ii 184.2 Comm. Also perh.: int athfegadh mete no laiget . . . rodealbh Dia eter duilib the variation in size, Auraic. 913 . Commonly in phr. i n-a.¤ folld. by gen. in comparison with: robo duí side i n-athfégad Choluim Chille, LU 573 . is nefní cech ní in athfhegad na gorta, LB 157a32 . ba dīmbrīgh leō ina ffuarsett ó nach n-aon oile i n-aithfēgadh in ro-derlaic siumh dōibh what they received from others seemed to them petty in comparison with his gifts, ZCP xiv 223.15 . trom an aithfeghadh na teinedh ┐ etrom a naithfeghadh an uisci heavier than fire and lighter than water (i.e. air), Ir. Astr. Tr. 10.3 . nir bó damhna eccaoine an ro milleadh d'ór . . . in aithfhecchadh in ro milleadh . . . do daoinibh, AFM vi 2012.16 . ba cennais cach corugad in aithfegad innill, MR 216.13 . nach fiú ēnnī a dhōlás a naith- fhéuchain phian n-ifrinn, Parrth. Anma 717 . ic athḟescain na [d]uabordelbi, TBC-LL¹ 2747 .