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ind compendium for Lat. id est, and in Irish usually representing ed ón (q.v.) that is to say, namely . See GOI § 35 , and KMMisc. 102 ff . In the Laws, frequently stands for e.g. : ecmacht .i. in lacha, Laws iv 196.8 , glossing : (fer fogaib frith mbech in neoch mad sechtar faithchi co ruicce rud mar no) ecmacht to a forest or a place difficult to get at, 194.21 . ecmacht .i. loch, v 332.28 . co tairnig a n[d]enamh ar in fearand .i. cora eisc, iv 212.23 (the gloss is written over the line in MS., and is illustrative of the possessive pronoun).