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Forms: imbe, íme, imbi, himi, ime, ime, imbib, himeda, imeada, imeduib

vn. of imm-fen. io, n. later f. n s. á n-imbe , Ml. 102a13 . ín íme , Laws iv 140.z. Comm. g s. imbi, Críth G. 247. na himi , Laws i 216.14 Comm. d s. ime, v 462.28 Comm. n p. ime, iv 72.4 . d p. imbib, Ml. 110b2 . Also with dental inflexion : n p. na himeda , O'D. 1569 ( H 5.15, p. 4 b ). a p. imeada, O'D. 2263 ( Rawl. B 506, fo. 22d ). d p. imeduib, Laws v 270.20 Comm.

(a) the act of fencing or hedging: ria ré imbi before fencing time, Críth G. 247. is ima ime ocus ima gort-glanad ro gabadh in athgabail `it was for fencing and weeding it the distress was taken,' Laws i 134.15 Comm. do-gnít na braithre a lá n-air, a la [m]buana, a la n-ime, O'Curry 379 ( H 3.18, p. 214b ). bern ... no bid cach ica gressacht imma immi `urging him to close it,' RC viii 54.21 .

(b) fence, hedge: á n-imbe bís immun fini ón, Ml. 102a13 . hua imbib gl. sepibus, 110b2 . tuinech torachta rosrig | im thalmain contib (facs. seems to read condib) immib he bound a circular fold round the earth with two divisions, SR 192. imbe n-indraic a satisfactory hedge, Laws iv 118.28 Comm. co[r] clandad leo ín íme fa trí, 140.z Comm. in athgabail gabur im nemdenam na himi bis itir na gurta arba ocus na faithchi feoir, i 216.14 Comm. ceithre ime do cuisin: clais, cora, duirime, felmad, iv 72.4 . imeda urcradacha ... garad ┐ galam ┐ log, O'D. 1569 ( H 5.15, p. 4 col. 2 ). trí dubthrebtha : tuga co fúatchai, imme co forṅgaire, tírad co n-aurgorad `putting up a fence with a proclamation of trespass,' Triads 140. ba cathir cen immi (of Troy after Hector's death), TTr.² 1209. feth .i. ime, ut est fobith is cach cond ar econn feth `every person sui iuris is a fence for the witless,' O'Dav. 827.

(c) a weir, dam: ime do denam ar cinn eisc na flatha, O'Dav. 60. im aire fri sruth .i. ime ar cind in srotha, Laws i 204.25 Comm. mor imme mor for Sinaind, Rawl. B 503, fo. 19f. (Plummer MS notes).

(d) In the Laws as a gloss to 1 fál in the sense of a legal bar or barrier: fal fine .i. in n-ime doni in fer fine ica[s] a cinta, Laws v 500.18 Comm. fal fir crenas .i. in ime do-ni in fear cennaiges in ferund ar log mbec, 502.24 Comm.