1 aithne

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Forms: aitheanta, aichenta, aitheantadh, aithnighi

io, n. Later f. Vn. of ad-noí. In later lang. with dental inflexion in pl. n p. aitheanta, DDána 20.4 . aichenta, SG 16.32 . g p. aitheantadh, TSh. 9691 . Note also n p. aithnighi, ZCP vi 83.22 .

(a) Act of depositing, handing over, entrusting. In Laws used of the handing over or depositing of any object of value with another person apparently either for safe keeping or on loan; also of the object so handed over, abstract and concrete applications not being distinguished. ? atait secht treaba . . . ariscuille coir urnadhma a.¤ ar cia loiscear ni tuillit aithgin seven houses in which according to correct procedure for binding contracts a pledge may not legally be deposited(?), Laws v 160.2 . secht n-a.¤ . . . na dlegat a taisic seven deposits . . . which need not be returned, 190.13 . atait secht n-a.¤ . . . dlegait a taisic . . . a.¤ laime do laim etc. seven deposits which must be restored, 196.1 . na huile a.¤ uile ro haithnighedh do duine all the deposits which have been entrusted to him (= sét, 5 Comm.), ii 304.15 Comm. trian isan a.¤ naenuaire `for taking charge of property for one hour' (during a battle), iii 218.23 Comm. cidh fodera co fuil trian ar a na.¤ seo ┐ co na fuil acht dechmadh is na aithnibh aile? 220.3 Comm. cid fodera co na fuil acht leth fiach isin a.¤ so ┐ co fuil lan fiach isin na.¤ eile? 500.13 Comm. aithni láime . . . a.¤ sula . . . a.¤ tengad, O'D. 938 - 9 ( H 3.17, 659a ). ingairi an aithni, O'Curry 240 ( H 3.18, p. 135 ). an a.¤ do dena duine d'a cheile . . . da ndechad amugha as ic do, O'Curry 302 (ib. p. 166). a slechtaib aithni . . . don tí da tugad ar oin no ar a.¤ , 2460 ( Eg. 88, fo. 37(38)c ). in cutruma . . . do ic o fir in tigi re fir na ha.¤ , O'D. 348 ( H 3.17, c. 268 ). corus aithni aracan fénechus, 938 ( H 3.17, c. 659a ). O'Dav. 692 . im oin ┐ im a.¤ ┐ im airlegad, Laws ii 280.4 Comm. sét óna no a.¤ , i 248.11 Comm.

In non-legal texts: a n-a.¤ gl. depositum, Sg. 66a26 . maraith sercc céin mardda a.¤ love remains as long as gifts (?) remain, Thes. ii xxii 1 . tri dorcha in betha: a.¤, ráthaiges, altrom `giving a thing into keeping', Triads 249 . trí a.¤ na dlegat taisec: a.¤ n-écuind ┐ ardneimid ┐ a.¤ fuirmeda, 157 . atcota aichne augra `giving in charge begets strife', RC xlv 63 § 17 ( Anecd. iii 11.13 ). aithnedh (a.¤, v.l.) tāinic ūad / ara rīsedh slān `the deposit that came from him' (i.e. the soul), Ériu iv 238 § 17 . cach n-aithni co coimdi every pledge is to be protected, ACL iii 228.73 . ba comrar aithni tuath ┐ ilcinel na h-uili Aissia it was a chest for the wealth of all the peoples and races of Asia (of a city), BB 444a32 . In cheville: dob olc an aithne, Content. xvi 70 . Of entrusting a person to another's care: dursan dam t'aithni dot aileamain . . . do mnui meblaig I am loathe to entrust you for nurturing to a treacherous woman, TTebe 2234 . do chaithfinn m'a.¤ d'Iosa I must commend myself to Christ, Dán Dé i 2 . sinn don aingeal gar n-a.¤ (i.e. Michael), DDána 99.44 .

(b) act of commanding, enforcing; command, behest: a a.¤ do cogad do dhenamh `exorting him to fight', Cog. 147 n.12 . ar a.¤ m'uachtráin at the behest of my superior, MS. Mat. 550.14 . cuiriss (viz. an pápa) a letrecha ┐ a a.¤ co n-a shēla mōr go priōir L., Fl. Earls 142.16 . ro thōcoibset na doctūiridhe de ier gcor a.¤ i n-a aghaidh against his orders(?), 144.18 . ní droch-a.¤ dhamh `it is not a bad principle of mine', Content. xviii 112 . Of enforcing payment of debt: rīg do aithne na fhīach, MacCongl. 45.25 . ? élud a.¤ athgabáil, Metr. Dinds. iii 18.224 (things not allowed during an assembly). In scriptural sense commandment: ga mhéud a.¤ ann? — deich n-aithenta, Parrth. Anma 2120 . tuccad na haithnedha do Móyci, Maund. 48 . crann na ha.¤ (the forbidden tree of Paradise), Dán Dé iii 6, 13 . mar do choill Éabha an a.¤ , DDána 6.8 . cúig a.¤ na heaguilse the five precepts of the church, Mac Aingil 3104 . cuirid fa a.¤ ar enjoins on: do cuir fa a.¤ orra dul isin oilen he enjoined on them to go to the island, ZCP xi 122.17 . cor chuir Dia fa a.¤ ar C.C. rí Alpan do denamh d'Aedhan, 126.11 . a cur fa a.¤ orra gan Cormac do chur docum bais, BCC 278.23 .