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Forms: immdích, imdich, imadichet, imdíched, imadichitis, imdíusa, imdegail

v Indic. pres. s 3 immdích, Críth Gabl. 339. ní imdich , Laws iv 202.2 . pl. 3 imadichet, Laws iv 92.25 . impf. s 3 imdíched, TBC 5689. pl. 3 imadichitis, Laws v 308.16 . fut. s. 1 imdíusa, LU 5028.

protects, saves, defends; is a defence against?: imús-dích immustecrathar imgoin airriu, LU 8293 (FB). imm-dīch im-dīthnathar, ZCP xi 93 § 22. imm-dích dliged a chéle he defends the rights of his clients, Críth Gabl. 339. cach nindligi nad imdich dethbiri every illegality which has not the defence of necessity, Laws ii 2.5 . ni imdich cia beth cuit do indib his having a share in them is no defence, iv 202.2 , glossed: nochon eimdidnend, 9 Comm. in ni umadich feichem umadich raith `whatever protects the debtor protects the surety,' v 226.28 . im-dich cach corp a memru everybody protects its members, ZCP xiv 369 § 30 (= Laws ii 278.19 ; O'Dav. 1125 ). im-dīched in cú Laigniu huili, Sc.MMD² § 1. bíam cúsa ... dot imdegail ... ┐ imdíusa Mag Muirthemne uili, LU 5028. tait airlimenda imadichet smachta `tres- passes which shelter a fine (i.e. for which no fine is incurred)', Laws iv 92.25 , (transl. O'Dav. 714 ). atait secht turbaide im-a-dichitis cach re, Laws v 308.16 , glossed eimditnit seig in ti teit isin re comruic, ib. 20 Comm. muna imge (? for im[di]ge) deithbire, Laws iv 136.22 , glossed: .i. mana roib deithbirus aca neimditin a mbuachaille, 32 Comm. Vn. imdegail.