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Forms: imdreangair

v climbs around (term employed figuratively in ogham for climbing or ascending the ogham `tree,' i.e. the basic line or angle from which the letters were drawn, the alphabet being read from below upwards): indic. pres. pass. s. is amlaid imdreangair crand .i. saltrad fora freim in craind ar tus ┐ do lam dess reut ┐ do lam cle fo deoid, Auraic. 949. is amlaid imdrengar .i. is amhlaidh eimh ceimnighthir isinn ogam, 991 . is amlaid imdrichaur ougam .i. amal imdrengthar crand .i. is amlaid ceimnigther isinn ogam aumail ceimnigther isin craund, 3932 .