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Forms: imme, ime

v i (imbe). Trans. and intrans.

(a) encloses, surrounds: tráth nosimmet (viz. ind abaind) in maccrad do chlessaib cluchi furri, TBC-LL¹ 1304. sernsat ┐ immsit na slóig impu `the hosts spread out and closed around them,' 542 . fria mo ime, mo imes (? leg. mo-imes i.e. mad-imes) a edach uime ica cludugud (gl. on : fria a muimig), Laws ii 348.6 Comm.

(b) fences (a field) ; makes a dam: im-fean ceachtar in da comarba .i. imid, Laws iv 128.x Comm. subj. pres. s. 3 sepiat .i. co ro imme , LB 241b54 . cora ime in cae is coitechta do till he fence, Laws iv 128.19 Comm. perf. s. 3 munab í in ime is coir ro imestar `if he has not put the proper kind of fence,' 74.21 . ma ro imestar in duine ar cind in tsrotha `if a man has dammed the head of the stream,' Laws i 204.x Comm. See also imm-fen.