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n transposition, changing the order of: fu rō .i. fo ūr .i. imord fedha, Corm. Y 698 ( Anecd. iv 59.11 ). is imord feda fil and .i. Colmān quasi comlān, BColm. 6.5 .

? Of the transferring of property after the death of its owner: litre la caid comarba imard (? leg. im i.¤) manach marb-dilsi .i. in ni em ordaiter do dilsi leisin manach marb .i. im ordugad na manach for in ti fod [dibad ?] ro dilsi in fiallach is marb, Laws v 498.3 , and 16 Comm. imord manach [.i.] cach manach tar eis alaile on eclais isin cena dosli disli do eclais a aicsi lee samlaid manup derg mir, O'Curry 871 (< H 3.18, p. 391b ).

? Of the transferring of persons from one place to another: mac crabuidh cin uair nimuird (one of six sons who are not bound to honour their father), Laws iii 62.2 Comm.