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Forms: imtháthar, immidbiat, immidmb, immerabtar, imtat, immusbé, nímthat, nimta

v indic. pres. pass. sg. imtháthar, LU 6043. consuet. pres. p. 3 immidbiat, Laws i 260.11 . subj. pres. s. 3 immidmb, ZCP viii 316.21 . perf. p. 3 immerabtar, Ml. 37a6 .


(a) in lit. sense is around, is about: donaib cenelaib immerabtar iudeu `to the nations who were about the Jews,' Ml. 37a16 . a himtomas i nde i seilb imebiad it should be measured in two directions to the property of those around, Laws iv 142.14 Comm. na ceithri comithaigh íma biad ocus na ceitri ecomithaigh ada neasam doibside, 128.1 Comm. fris na cethri comaithchiu ata nesom immidbiat fri da taeb who are nearest about it, i 260.11 . crich do teid uisce glaise airm fo leanad in da comarba imdabiad for cechtar in da leithe `where the two `coarbs' follow it, they being on either side of it,' iv 144.11 Comm. co nderna rí Locha Léin cáin for cach tūeth immidmbē etir Corco Bascind ┐ Corcomruad, ZCP viii 316.21 .

(b) In metaph. sense : foídid Cu Chulaind atheroch Láeg do fis scél dús cia cruth imtháthar (mbotha, TBC-I¹ 1572 ) isin dunud to see how things are going in the camp, LU 6043.

II From lit. meaning is about, is alongside of is developed figur. meaning is so, even so, thus (it is often followed redundantly by samlaid which becomes general as the meaning of the verb is gradually forgotten) : imta lanamnas tothla i taide `the connexion of secret elopement is similar,' Laws ii 402.3 glossed .i. is amlaidh sin ata in lanamnus, ib. 19 Comm. imtha dano techta fuillema gill cacha fir rinnas `so also is the lawful pledge-interest of each man who satirises,' v 388.4 . imta fri cín comfocais, iv 38.16 . ? pl. imtat na fogla im comaidchius `in the same way trespasses in cotenancy' (Plummer MS. notes), O'Curry 859 (< H 3.18, p. 388b ). ? To this : pres. subj. immusbé fadēin fon oen garmaim (.i. corabuis féin .i. fo munnus in garma gaire dimsa) `mayst thou thyself be so (?),' RC xxvi 52 § 282. Neg. : naich imtha z `not so is z,' Sg. 20a1 . nimthá bóaire `not so the boaire,' Críth G. 329. nímthá sen Phól manach, Fél. § 97. nimta in mac ingor, Laws iii 56.30 . nimtha samlaid duine not so man, Laws i 8.25 . `rot biat baí lemsa chena' ol sí `ním thá són,' TBFr. 362. With pl. subj. : nímthat mílid Íssu `not so are Jesus's soldiers,' Fél. Prol. § 77.

Folld. by samlaid : imta samlaid in eclais is ursloice ar cind cach duine, Laws iii 30.4 (glossed : is inann leam .i. as amlaid sein ata in eclais, ib. 13 Comm. ). imtha samlaidh in fer samailter fris, iv 356.12 . imtha samlaidh cach gradh oighe, 364.11 . immata samlaid gen na sainti `so likewise the maw of avarice,' Ériu vii 152.12 . imtá sámlaid don eclais dlegair diside dilgud do cách, LB 146a36 .

amal ... imtha samlaid as ... even so is: amal file tra deochair etir laechu ┐ clerchu ... imtha samlaid deochair etir a saethar ┐ pennainn, RC xv 488 § 7. amal bite lorga i llamaib duine ... imtha is amlaidh it he in so na lorga biti a ciallabair `as there are staves in the hands of a man ... so even are these here the staves...,' Auraic. 1593. imtha ... imtha samlaid even as is ... so is: imtha an aithgein mil la mnai, lemlacht la mac ... imtha samlaidh ben la fer, Leb. Gab.(i) 30.5 - 6 .

Folld. by clause : imta cia rō uathaib-sium `just so if he go from them,' Laws v 486.y . imta ce ria uathusum, iii 268.13 Comm. imthá samlaid connach lía punnand chorcai ... andáit cind ... iarna timdibe, TTr.² 1161. neg. : nimta mad in ceili bes marb, Laws ii 268.13 (glossed .i. ni hinunn lium (by confusion with infix. pron. s. 1) .i. nocha namluidh sin ta, ib. 28 ).