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v ā (inás) grows, increases, is produced: dona cethraib infasas and `that increase there,' O'Dav. 279. trian do na cethraib ... o n-inasann in t-indad, Laws ii 364.5 Comm. fria hingin .i. ... ris in ngen inasas a hinne in athar, 346.4 Comm. co facba da trian a targudha ac in fine o rinasastar a colunn `he leaves two-thirds of his acquired property to the tribe from whom his body has descended,' iii 48.23 Comm. ni taibret ... acht na ceathra foilli inasas acu `the young of the cattle which grow among them,' v 386.29 Comm. im ini folosas no inasus ona cethraibh, i 190.6 Comm. do'n fult ... ro innfas tria n-a gcendaibh, MR 20.6 . ro infhas ┐ ro forbhair ... eccraiteas Reffloir ima chliamhain, Leb. Gab.(i) 226.9 . bacán siuil bainfighidh ... do inḟas fo dhuille ocus daghbhlath, Mart. Don. 32.9 .