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Forms: indeilbh, indelbh, n-indelbh

n (delb) ā, f. a s. gusan indeilbh , Misc. Hag. Hib. 14 § 7 ; but : g s. in indelbh , 13 § 2. a s. isin n-indelbh , § 3. a stone structure .

(a) a pagan altar: indelba .i. anmand na n-altōra na n-īdal sin .i. arindī dofornitis intib delba na ndūla adortais and, Corm. Y 752.

(b) a cell formed of four large stones: isí métt in indelbh, ceitheora cloch .i. cloch rena druim cloch cec[h]tar a dha taobh ┐ cloch ara aghaid (description of a stone cell in which Mo Chreiche lived during Lent), Misc. Hag. Hib. 13 § 2. téid an t-ócclach gusan indeilbh i raibhe in clerech, 14 § 7. indeilb cloich described by O'Curry as `a naked stone chamber,' Manners and Customs i 330.

? To this : indealb airgech, IT iii 76 § 41.