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Last Revised: 2013


Forms: innfine, innfine

n , f. (lit. 'end-kin' GEIL 312 ) the fourth subdivision of the `fine.' Descendants on the male line of the same great-great-great-grandfather. See Celtic Ireland pp. 160 ff. , 171 f. cis lir fini tuaithe ... ? ite fine cacha tuaithe, geilfine, deirbfine, iarfine, indfine, deirgfine ..., Laws iv 282.17 ff. innfine asi is sine dibh ` `innfine' is the remotest of them,' 292.2 Comm. arindhi it cétheora fine ata nesom conbeirat cinaid cacha bunadaig: gelfine ocus derbfine, iarfine ocus i.¤ , i 260.3 . ite fine cacha tuaithe, geilfine, deirbfine, iarfine, i.¤, deirgfine `these are the family divisions of each territory,' iv 282.x-y . But cf.: fodeiligt[h]ir in dibad itir na teora fine .i. deirbfine ┐ iarfine ┐ i.¤ , Stud. in E. Ir. Law 143.y Comm. indfine co uii. firu dec ... Duthaig duine otha sen, iss ann scarait finnthea `the `innfine' extends to seventeen men ... From this forth it is a case of a community of people, it is then family relations cease,' Laws iv 284.7 - 9 . isi in deirbfine amail ro gabh bruinne an duine, ... ┐ isí in iarfine amail ro gabsat an dá righ, ┐ isí in innfine amail ro gabsat na da dornn, O'Curry 2294 (< Eg. 88, fo. 22a ). innfine asi is sine dibh. Innua innfine, athuir iarfine; innua iarfine, athuir derbfine; inua derbfine, athuir gelfine, Laws iv 292.2 Comm. Cf. íarfine, derbḟine, gelḟine.