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adj o, ā As subst.

(a) an innocent person, a non-liable person: mas d'innilsech ruga[d] in roba[d] if it is to an innocent person the warning has been given, Laws i 298.27 Comm. is indilus don ti do rigne in muilliudh ┐ crod indilsig ro gabustar, v 492.9 Comm. donti bis a ndethbirius .i. d'indilsech, i 298.26 Comm. escepte chána sin for indilsechaibh, O'D. 751 (< H 3.17, col. 542 ). i.¤ a rricht dīlsigh é (of Cú Chulainn arraigned by the Ulaid for slaying his own son but regarded as indílsech because he was ignorant of his son's identity), Ériu i 126.3 .