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Forms: hinndlightech

adj o, ā (indliged)

I Of people,'

(a) lawless, law-breaking: lethḟolog cech gráid doa macc dligthech, ... ar is leth cech dligthig, cethramthu cach indligthig, Críth G. 483. Compar. noco n-indligthigi-te file āir īar sētaib dligthecha do dēnum a poet is not the less law-abiding for making a satire after the (bestowal of) due séts ?, O'Curry 1879 (< 23 P 3, p. 21 (23)ab ).

(b) not possessing certain legal rights: masa comdligthuch iat ocus masa comindligthuch, no masa dligtech in bean `if they are equally admissable to give legal evidence or equally inadmissable ...' (of man and wife), Laws ii 404.9 Comm.

(c) irrational ? : co ndilgudh im an aes mbegleighind indlighhecht (leg. n-indligthech) traigit i frecnarcus anrotha, Laws iv 356.16 .

II Of actions, illegal, lawless, unjust: acht mad indred n-i.¤ , Críth G. 565. in fainleguch ┐ in t-urfócruch ... nocha n-inndlightuch nemurfaomudh a toicheda, O'D. 37 (< H 3.17, cols. 34 , 35 ). raith i nairgithi nech ina guth n-ard, no na guth n-i.¤ (gl. Raith guth aird), Laws i 2.9 Comm. is bairnech do thigerna frit-so ... do throscud i.¤ fair, LL 283a52 . gním n-ingnad n-indligtheach ... ingnath ar a ain-menci, indlightheach ar a uaibrigi, BB 315b12 , 13 . Adv. iarna indrad co hinndlightech i cinaith Muiredaigh maic Eogain do guin do, Anecd. ii 42.5 - 7 . na rig dogniat a follamnus co hanfhirén, ┐ no-s-imbret co hi.¤ for cách, PH 4106.

In: ba holc acu dul dar in recht n-i.¤ ndeona .i. duni d'ithi, TTebe 3343 , probably read: ndligthech.

Of houses, not lawfully to be used for certain purposes, illegal: madh isna trebuib dligthecha fromthar a hairidhe ... madh a treib indligthig ... (of the testing of ale), Laws v 166.21 and 28 Comm. is diles in mi-cuirm dogres, gin cop isna trebuib indligthecha dogentar, 168.3 Comm.

III Of objects, not legally due: muna forglana flaith foltuib na seota indligthecha eirnius `unless the chief being wealthy has cleared the `seds' he has unlawfully given,' .i. muna firglana in flaith deghfoltuch amach na seotudh ro ernudh amach co hi.¤ , Laws ii 312.14 , 17 .

IV Of animals, irrational, brute: lubai in talman ... | biad na n-anman n-indligtech, SR 1570. int anmunna i.¤ roaittrebastar a n-indib inmedōnachaib Cathail `the lawless beast,' MacCongl. 101.24 . ro-fhendsat he iar-sin ... amal cech n-anmunda n-i.¤ , PH 2147. a torcair lem do dhainibh ┐ d'anmannaib indligtecha, ZCP vi 83.16 . cidh daíne ar ai fhuatha is [anm]anna indligthecha ar aí n-ecna, Stair Erc. 1311. But in follg. means unlawful (to offer in sacrifice) which is probably the orig. sense: ro comairleig Dia do Noe dedhe da cech cenel anmann indlighthech ... do breith isin airc, fo daigh siolta uatha ... ┐ treidhe d'anmandaibh dlighteacha, fo daigh udhbarta ┐ siolta uatha, Leb. Gab.(i) 8.16 .