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Forms: inoil, ineoil

n o g s. inoil, Laws v 80.12 . ineoil, 16 Comm. the name of one of the lower grades or ranks in society . Celtic Ireland p. xiv n. , says that the three classes garad, flescach, and inol `comprise minors at different ages.' fodla febe tra : inol, ocus flesgach, ocus garaid, ... ocus boairi tanaisi ocus ogairi tuisi, Laws v 78.23 . etym. gl. : .i. in ti bis ┐ ind a elle 'na oil .i. in pattaire no in sutaire no in cliaraighi `he who goes with the top of his thong in his cheek, the leather-bottle maker ...,' 80.1 Comm. dire n-inoil : cnai olla `the dire of an inol is a fleece of wool,' 12 . o iseal .i. o inol, iii 16.4 Comm. coirpdire tra otha i.¤ co hor, secht nuinge trichat ... (i.e. from the lowest to the highest), O'Curry 1442 (< H 3.18, p. 644b ). coirpdire caich ... otha ollomh go hi.¤ , O'Curry 1758 (< 23 Q 6, p. 35a ). madh i.¤ bes la coimdidh an `inol' who is in the household of a lord, O'D. 2309 (< Rawl. B 506, fo. 31a ).