2 in(n)tech

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Forms: inntig, indtige, intech

n o, m. (perh. earlier n.) g s. inntig, PH 6928 , but: indtige, Lism. L. 2073. way, path: indtech .i. sed conaire, O'Curry 108 (< H 3.18, p. 70 ). innteach .i. slighe, O'Cl. inteach .i. ni teach sed via , O'Mulc. 736. du intiuch óin lai (gl. cotidiano iteneri), Ml. 140a1 . intech (indech, v.l.) Dé (ndé, v.l.) dom rēmthechtas `God's way to lie before me,' Thes. ii 356.13 (Patrick's Hy.). is maith intéch dochuaid ł i mbai, LU 760. ar intech n-anaichnid, 1181 . fer ro regar a ninntach foghla on the path of plunder ? (mentioned among those whose wounding entails neither payment nor sick-maintenance), O'Curry 1766 (< 23 Q 6, p. 36 ). urgnaiter manib i nindtech (a nindtiuch, v.l.) techta daruibditar corp `let attendance be given unless it be in a lawful path [i.e. on a lawful occasion] that [the victim's] body have been pierced,' Ériu xii 80.19 . gor intech (sic leg., corr. ZCP xi 308 § 1 ) ara-folmaider fásaig fírinni `pflichttreu ist der Gang ...,' ZCP xi 80 § 2. in t-intech dochuaid ... amal dochuaid Pol, RC xx 410 § 135 (ACC). is tria mirbuil in choimded tancatar in luas-sa ar a fhot in inntig-sin eter muir ┐ tir, PH 6928. ainecrus a n-indtige ┐ a n-imtechta, Lism. L. 2073. lotár for intech (for teichedh, v.l.) inna curach, RC ix 484.6 (ICM). már ngal ... már n-indtech n-écomlainn paths whereon unequal odds will be encountered, SG 321.11 . Metaph. :umsai cach a meanmain for intiuch ae upon the course of the law-suit ? (or the way of knowledge ?) O'Curry 1907 ( 23 P 3, fo. 23 ). litera .i. inteach legind .i. set legind, Auraic. 1758. in litir amal intech legend iarsinni fuires set in legind `the letter is as a road for reading,' 361 .