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Forms: adamrigethar, adamrigedar, adamraigetar, adnamraigther, adamraigetar, roadamrigther, adruamraigset

denom. of adamrae, but in O. Ir. glosses treated as compd. vb. (except in Wb. 16c3 cited below) wonders (at), marvels (at). Indic. pres. 3 s. is hed adamrigethar , Wb. 5c16 . inna hí adamrigedar , Ml. 64c19 . 3 pl. adamraigetar gl. mirantur, 124a6 . Subj. pres. 2 s. adnamraigther gl. mirari, 56b39 . 3 pl. co adamraigetar gl. ut mirentur omnes, 39b8 . Pass. sg. con roadamrigther dia triit, Wb. 12d29 . Perf. 3 pl. adruamraigset gl. mirati, 88a18 .

As simple vb. is hed noadamrugur, Wb. 16c3 . a m-moltais ┐ an-n-adamraigtis in Comdid, RC ix 478.17 . adamhraigther ┐ oirrdercaigt[h]er an scel, Fl. Earls 128 z . ro adhamhraig in draí an firt, Lat. Lives 70.6 .

Verbal of necess.: innahi ata adamraigthi, Ml. 64c3 . as nadamraigthi, 69c1 .

Vn. adamrugud.