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Forms: halla

n Also halla. a. m., IGT Decl. § 2 . Hall . See Wortk. 50 , Lochlann ii 215 . Possible early exx.: mo chen sa tan tic dommall, Fen. 224.z (leg. domm all? dom mál?). a druith na halla, IT iii 98 § 162 . go hAugaine na halla, Rawl. 84b4 . In none of these, however, is a meaning hall clearly indicated, though an early borrowing from ON höll is not excluded. In the follg. late exx. the word is a borrowing from Engl. or Rom.: ar urlar in ha.¤ , ZCP vi 287.13 . mana gríosa d'allaibh aoil unless you set flame to white castles, Aithd. D. 5.16 . ha.¤ (: Banna) ┐ tor 'na dtaisibh hall and tower in ruins, 37.25 . guidhigh i n-a naemh-álla fein hé, Smaointe B. Chr. 5470 . a nimcein o ha.¤ ar sduideir = ce n'est pas de nostre speculacion, O'Gr. Cat. 216.37 . rugadar . . . don ha.¤ é, Mark xv 16 .