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u, m. vn. formation from lán. act of completing; full amount : do lanad ┐ ḟoilsiguth inne indib `to complete and manifest quality in them', Sg. 28b18 . lanad treb intreib (.i. comtinol in neich bis i ninde a treibe do brecanaib . . .) `the collecting of house-furniture', Laws ii 358.4. 29 Comm . lanad fuillema `full interest', v 418.26 Comm . lanad folad `full value', iii 12.21 Comm . in lanadh imdegla, i 120.29 Comm . In Laws Comm. glossing lán, slán etc.: slan cairde .i. is edh is laisin in lanad n-erci dligis, i 232.14 . lan eric .i. lanad n-eirci, v 434.13 . lan-gille . . . .i. lanad gellta, v 416.21 .