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Forms: amirissech, amairessach, amrusach

(amaires). In O. Ir. glosses amirissech, amairessach. In later lang. also amrusach. As adj. o, ā

(a) unbelieving (in relig. sense): ceist amirissech inso gl. quomodo resurgunt morti, Wb. 13c19 (if not g p. in substantival use, see below). del chatach amirseach (of one who had refused to believe a miracle), Ériu ii 122 § 61 . baramail amhairsech na Lumbardach, ZCP xiii 180.29 . Iúdaide amairsecha, PH 2980 . 's gan í uime amhuirseach though she was not doubtful about Him, Dán Dé xx 38 .

(b) doubting, mistrustful in general: senḟoccul sein . . . acht corb dall bid amarsech (deception of Isaac), SR 2900 . nach foláir dhó bheith umhal amhairseach air féin mistrustful of himself, TSh. 10875 . cia orthaibh as amhoirseach (the seven virtues), DDána 55.11 . go raibh meisi amharusach ina hionnamhail sin do cheisd, Acts xxv 20 . nir bh'aimhirsech Ulaid . . . co m-badh rompa budh raen doubted not that they would be victorious, MR 268.8 . Note also: rob a.¤ faistine a fellsum `the predictions . . . became doubtful', MR 240.23 . Cf. amairsig earlama, BB 63b43 = amairsi erlabra unreliable (?) (of women), Tec. Corm. § 16.53 .

As subst. unbeliever, infidel: amhirissig gl. infidiles, Wb. 12d34 . hóre as namairessach fodúacair, 11b24 . nípu libsi int órd so act la amiresschu, 9c17 . See under trem-.