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[u, m.] vn. of lúathai(gi)d. act of hastening, accelerating, expediting : ar daigin luathaighthi thairis `for the purpose of more expeditious passing', Laws v 208.4 (Comm. on teallach nae cu mbaidter, 206.3 ). Usually with obj. gen.: más ar daigin luathaighthe in míl as in cuithi to get the animal more quickly out of the pit (in comm. on slán cach esid), O'Don. 1568 ( H.5.15, 4b ). mas ar daighin luathaighthi in aenaigh (in comm. on blai each oenach), O'C. 921 ( H.3.18, 404 ) `in order to reach the a. quickly', Plummer MS. notes. do bhadhas . . . ac luathadh báis m'anma fein trithu, ITS xxix 207.14 . cognamh . . . dár luathughadh go neamh to help us on our way to heaven, Mac Aingil 5082 . Cf. lúaite.