lundu, lunggu

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n d s. form pool(?): rat nigiub mar negair coipp a lundu (.i. lind usci) as flax tops are thrashed (lit. washed) in a pool(?), TBC-LL¹ 6053 = notninus amail negar forcor hi lunggu, TBC-I¹ 3626 (lungtu altered to lungga MS.) = cuip i lunna, TBC St. 4927 `retting pond?', Glossary. rot ṡnigestar mar negar a lundu, LL 12711 = ṡnegar [coip] `as foam is poured out of a pool of water', Stokes, RC xiv 409 § 19. In glossaries explained as vessel: lunga .i. soigech amail negur curp a lungu, no i lunga tann tacumlai, O'Curry 1296 ( H 3.18, 539a ). amail negar cuip a lunga .i. soighit (sic) no lung tana, O'Curry 1473 ( H 3.18, 653 ). Perh. merely forms of 1 long.