1 meile

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n io, m., a disparaging term applied to a person: a fool? a good-for-nothing? meile .i. lorgánach, H 3.18 p. 651 ( O'Curry 1467 ). mele .i. drochlaoch .i. lorgánach a coward, a sluggard , O'Cl. bell-ian .i. bell mele ut dicitur: a [leg. dá?] n-ó beill dogní in fer-sa .i. a n-ó troich (tróch MS.), Corm. Y 167 ; cf. da n-o bill .i. genaige, 179 and Thr. Ir. Gl. 133.14 ; also IT i 73.1 (quoted under méla). ord meli mian suain sirlaíghe `the characteristic of an imbecile', MR 170.6 . ? fer crotha cēir, nirbo meile, Anecd. i 73 § 209 , cf. ZCP xi 161. Perhaps this word should be read in the two follg. exx.: trí atá messum i tig: maic, mná, méile, Triads 228 (` lewdness ', KMeyer, but a class of persons seems to be meant); cia mesam hi trebod? meic mná méile, ib. 223 (`sons of a bawd', Meyer); glossed .i. amadán, p. 42 .