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v g.

I Intrans. loses self-control, becomes excited or perturbed: meraigim, gl. prurio (= I wanton?), Thes. ii 42.6 (reading uncertain, merbigim acc. to Nigra, RC xxiv 306 - 9 ). ro mesc, ro meraig 'masech `he grew drunk and mad by turns', Metr. Dinds. iii 412. Of sea: gur mhuidh ┐ gur mhearuigh an sáile, ITS x 168.12 .

II Trans. bewilders, leads astray: led húaisli ná meraigh mé `dazzle me not', Ériu ix 8.87 . is tús mire ros-mheraigh `the beginnings of madness have set him wandering', Content. xxv 4. do mhearaighestar uabhar a n-aigeanta, ML 75.5 .

See meraigthe and merugad.