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Forms: mithich, mithig, mithid, mithe, mithid

indecl. adj. O.Ir. mithich; mithig, Wb. 4c37 , 31a19 . Occas. mithid, mithe in late MSS. Timely, seasonable ; used as pred. with cop. it is time (for something, to do someth.). is mithich forchenn furi it is time it should have an end, Ml. 118d6 . corrup mithich gabáil ferainn do, Wb. 19d3 . intain be[s] mithich (= tempore suo), 20c15 . is mithig cobair d'Adam, SR 1916. ba m.¤ [mithid v.l.] far tíchtu, Fél. Ep. 394. intan bá m.¤ tabairt biid dóib, IT i 137.13 . is m.¤ ind ingen don mac-sa, LL 279b22 (= SG i 414.16 ; `filio isti jam tempus est filia tradatur', ii 450 ). ropo m.¤ dér n-a díaid, 375a44 . m.¤ anad do báesaib, ACL iii 215 § 3. is m.¤ dom it is time for me (to . . .): is mithich dún in tinnscital, ZCP viii 175.25 (Laon Glosses). m.¤ dún dul d'a dígail, CRR 5. m.¤ dam-sa dul for cel, LU 3047. anuair do connairc cur m.¤ dó, dochóidh, Maund. 31. as mithi dhuit do thionsgan, Mac Aingil 73.2 . is m.¤ limm I deem it time (to . . .): intain ropo mithich lasin n-athir, Wb. 19b7 . Ml. 59d7 . ropa m.¤ lind techt co hEmain, TBC-LL¹ 1194 = robadh maith, St. is mithid linn tu dhul uainn, Oss. iv 24.12 . a thigerna, foir orum in tan is mithi let, ZCP vi 286.22 . gur mhithe lē . . . feronn dḟaghail, Ériu v 78.10 . Rarely as subst. with poss. pron.: in tan tanic a m.¤ when the time came for it, PH 5109. dar limsa táinec a mithi duit, O'Gr. Cat. 138.15. mithigh (mithibh v.l.) .i. techtai (i.e. proper, fitting ) O'Dav. 1209. mithid, Dinneen .