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Forms: múnadh, muinti

n u, m., (vn. of múinid), also *múined, from which the g.s. is usually formed. múnadh (o- and u-st.), IGT Dec. § 48. Teaching, instructing , with obj. gen. either of person or of thing: do munud a dalti to instruct her fosterling, Wb. 24d10 . oca forcetul ┐ oca munad, PH 246. ara nderna-su mo múnod . . . go rop móti lim mo menma (= exhorting ), TBC-LL¹ 3753. snám ┐ marcuigecht . . . do múnad dóib, Laws ii 154.11 . g s. aidde muinti gaiscid dó his instructor in feats of arms, Cóir Anm. 211. oide muinte, sgolmhaighisdir, Eg. Gl. 498. PBocht 35 § 36. buime mhúinte mheic an rígh, Ir. Monthly 1930, 470.28 . co tucc in maigistir slat a muinti di `gave her the rod of his instruction' (= owned himself outstripped by his pupil), ZCP vi 24.11 . Cf. slaidi muinte Cairpri immun ṁBoin[n] sanchan C. [Lifechair's ] authority on each side of the B. (?), Rawl. 133a55 . fear mo mhúnta my instructor, IGT Dec. ex. 1285. ben dob ferr delbh ┐ denum, modh ┐ munud education , RC x 187.16 . (of a horse) act of breaking in: as cinelta in t-ech ona munad a cenn a bliadna 'the horse broken-in as a yearling is good-natured' Celtica ii 42 § 31 . Showing, pointing out: gurab écen mér dot munad ind airecd may a finger be needed to point thee out in the assembly (= may you be unknown, inconspicuous), Fél. 96.15 , cf. gurab eiccin meur fair inn-aireacht dia munadh, BNnÉ 305.8 . do múnud eóluis dar muncind mara to guide, CRR 8. do mhúnadh na slígheadh dhóibh, Exodus xiii 21. Exceptionally learning: foric [M.] in n-écsine oc m.¤ a aicciuchta `learning his lesson', Imr. Brain i 52.18 ( LU 11002 ).