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1 pl. pron. inf., used in O.Ir. after the preverbs ar-, do- (< to-, di-), di-, fo-, imb-, no, ro, and the negatives ní, nách, to denote the obj. (direct or indirect) of the vb. In O.Ir. occas. -nn- before a vowel. After ar-, imb- and nách a vowel (gen. u or a) is inserted before the pron. Continues in use throughout Mid.Ir. period; in earlier Mid.Ir. sometimes replaced by -ar-n- ( nichar-fail, SR 1560 ; ro-rn-indarbais thou hast banished us, LB 112b44 ). Often strengthened by the particle -ni (-ne) follg. the vb.

Exx.: arún-utangar we are refreshed, Ml. 135a2 . hóre aruntáa because it remains for us, Wb. 25d25 . hóre arin-robe, 29d22 . don-eim-ni do thou protect us, Ml. 110d9 (< di-eim-). don-rimmart, SR 3485. don-rogra may he call us, Fél. Dec. 14. don-rua he will come to us, TBC-LL¹ 3332. fon-segar, gl. tribulamur, Wb. 14b16 . immun-cualammar, Wb. 18d3 . ní-mun-accammar, ib. immin-timcheltis-ni, gl. nos cingebant, Ml. 32a19 . non-soer-ni deliver us, Ml. 46b26 . non-anich Dia protects us, Wb. 16a4 . hóre dunn-ánic has come to us, 25a21 . ho nun-togaitar-ni, gl. quo circumdamur, Ml. 32a6 . run-leicis huait, 63c20 . ron-mess-ni, gl. aestimati sumus, Wb. 4b22 . ron-bia-ni indocbál we shall have glory, 14c17 . ron-báe biad, SR 1557. ron-bāid-ne has overwhelmed us, TBC-LL¹ 1657. ronn-ain may he protect us, Hy. i 30. ron-sóer deliver us, PH 7827. na ron-tairmescthar lest we be hindered, 6871 .

With neg.: nín-imgaib-ni, gl. non nos fugit, Thes. ii 7.27 . nin-fortéit-ni, Wb. 4a27 . nín-tánicc, 1d1 . nin-tá, 31c7 (= non est nobis). nín-loiscfed, SR 1505. mani-n-soerae-ni, Ml. 77d6 . nachan-tairle, Hy. i 8. huare nachan-sairai-nni, Ml. 93d10 . nachin-rogba úall, Wb. 15d40 .

See Strachan, Inf. Pron. in Mid.Ir., Ériu i 153 fg .