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Forms: nath, natha, natha, nath, —anna

n [m. and f.] gend. and decl. doubtful; as neut., n s. nath n-airec fordarc, Ält. Ir. Dicht. ii 16.6 ( LL 315b61 ); masc. acc. to Auraic. 839 : is e in nath, is i in laid; as fem. ā-st.: cen ógnaith, Metr. Dinds. iv 150.52 , cf. g s. cacha natha, O'Dav. 566 = cacha [gach v.l.] nath, 476 , and see citation from H 2.15A, 80a below. g s. natha. n p. natha. g p. nath.

A poetical composition ,

(a) in strict technical use a species of poem which was the special province of the `anruth' or poet of the sixth grade and of which there were several varieties variously named (see IT iii 164 ; Ält. Ir. Dicht. ii 24 ). dona secht n-altaib .i. anamain, nath, anair, etc., Auraic. 1578. nath ┐ anair, Laws v 58.7 . coig ba ar nath, ib. 9 , cf. O'Dav. 566. pl. natha anruith, IT iii 59 § 112. is hi fogluim na seised bliadna .i. .lxxx. nath mor ┐ .lxxx. becc, 38 § 25 . O'Mulc. 537.

(b) in lit. generally a poem in wide sense: náth ainm coitc[h]end dona huilib aistib ēicsi[d]ib, Corm. Y 982. nath .i. ainm do cach uili aisde, Lec. Gl. 34 , cf. 197 . nath .i. ainm coitcheann don uile aisde ealadhna, O'Cl. taithmet Fiadat ferr cech nath better than any poem, Hy. v 94 , glossed .i. ferr cech filidecht T, .i. cech dána F ( Thes. ii 348 ). as inann lógh ar cach nath, cibsi nath, H 2.15A p. 80a ( O'D. 1196 ). ná biad hÉriu cen ógnaith `without perfect song', Metr. Dinds. iv 150.52 . cuirmtech cen aes natha, H 3.18 p. 267b ( O'Curry 545 ). luagh natha do gach fer creath (.i. eladna), ZCP v 486 § 10 (B. na f.). ? geim coscuir grisuib nada with incitements to song (?), ZCP xiii 264.1 . fir denma drecht ┐ nath, RC xiv 412 § 25. ba neartmhaire nath ar nasc dom réir the power of poetry was bound to my service, Ó Bruad. ii 26.18.

(c) in special sense of elegy, threnody ? nath .i. marbnad, Lec. Gl. 356. Cf. ní gann in nath ós a cind `the dirge over her head', Metr. Dinds. ii 10.16 (reading doubtful).

In mod. lang. used for a cant word or phrase, adage, saying, P. O'C. , Dinneen (pl. —anna), see 2 nathan.

Compds. ¤bairdne one of the four main divisions of `bairdne', IT iii 6 § 4 ( ¤bairdni). ¤breth f. lit. ` nath-judgement'; used as generic term for the compositions of the `anruth': nathbretha anruith, IT iii 31 § 1 (L = adbretha B). ¤cobair f. ` song-help '; as epithet: leo nithach nathchobir cathchobair, IT iii 39.3 (= Ält. Ir. Dicht. i 17.2 ), i.e. one who supplies themes for song (or a patron of poetry?).

With adj. nathbuadach victorious (? renowned) in song , ZCP viii 307.9 . See also cétnad s.v. dechnad, marbnad, sennath, sétnad.