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Forms: nechtar

pron. one of two, either (= Lat. alteruter), folld. by part. gen. or prep. DE. In O.Ir. treated as neut. ( Pedersen Vgl. Gr. i 392 , ii 64 ), cf. expression nechtar n-ái (in which, however, the n- appears fixed, see Sg. 37b18 quoted below). Sometimes treated as o-st., but also invariable.

Folld. by gen. of noun: co nechtar inna dese-si to either of these twain, Ml. 42a7 . nechtar na dā idan . . . .i. idu serci ┐ idu eóit, IT i 122.23 (LU) = n.¤ dā ní, ib. 7 (Eg.). ní ro gluais in mac nechtar a dā chois, Ériu i 118 § 11. nechtar dá neche, CCath. 1008 (n.¤ do na nechi v.l.). In legal texts, nechtar dá lína one of the two parties (concerned in a transaction): cin folluga do nechtur da lina, Laws ii 72.9 , cf. 312.23 , 318.6 . g s. cor nechtar da lina the contract made by either party, 356 z .

Folld. by gen. of pron.: ni ain nechtar n-áii he will not protect either of them, Wb. 25d14 . ó nechtar n-ái, gl. a neutro, Sg. 37b18 . ni techta nechtar n-ae urtechta neither party is entitled, Laws ii 406.20 . ni dergene nectar n-ai olc fri anali [leg. arali]. ZCP iv 46.21 = nechtar de, TBFr. 420. nechtar fathar, IT i 336.13 (see below).

With DE, esp. in stereotyped expression n.¤ de one of the two (de = prep.+neut. s. pron.): ni rubi nechtar de cen alail neither of them (sc. man and woman) can be without the other, Wb. 11c17 . Cf. Ml. 35d24 ; 42b2 (n.¤ dae). is nectar de, gl. vel Terentius vel Cicero, Sg. 27b6 , cf. 173b6 . ni bá la nechtar de, FB 73 = ni ba la nechtar fathar neither of you shall have it, Eg. ( IT i 336.13 ). conná cumaic nechtar de cobair araile, ZCP viii 314.32 .

Used as quasi-adv.: roga duit . . . a n-imtheclamad no a n-imscothad nechtar de (= you shall have your choice either of gathering or of cutting them), TBC-LL¹ 1407. láech aile for áth dō-som nō nechtar de longphort do gabail d'ḟeraib hErend (to send) another warrior to the ford to (fight) him or alternatively . . ., 1785 .

In Mid.Ir. the pl. pron. is also used with DE: ni thibre nechtar dib-so a chuid fen, PH 7590. turbada . . . ar neachtar dib, Laws ii 304.28 Comm. ni thucc M. nechtar dib doib, Ann. Conn. 1235 § 11.

Nechtar de comes to be looked on as a single word and is somet. folld. by a part. gen. or DE, as in follg. exx. from Laws Comm.: ac nechtar de in da nannad [leg. in da n-imad] either of the two parties, Laws ii 318.18 ; similarly 358.15 , 366.14 (where for: in da naimad, read: in da n-imad). do n.¤ de don lanamain for either of the married couple, ii 360.24 . ma ta n.¤ de dib aice if he has either of them, 332.3 , cf. 406.27 , iii 210.14 .

In class. Ir. also with prep. oc (ic): dā aingel . . . long thúissi a laimh nechtair aca, Fl. Earls 234.38 . neachtar acu sin, ITS xiv 58.3 .