3 nes(s)

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Forms: ness, nes, neasaim

n a lump or swelling on the body caused by a blow, etc., a wound? ness dano ainm don bēim .i. don c[h]rēcht, ut est isin t[Ṡ]enchas Mar . . . a dirip cuirp duine, | cidhat ili fuile, | ro hairdiged ness;, Corm. Y 975 s.v. nesscoit = ro hainmiged n.¤ , LB; ro hordaiged n.¤ , Laud. Acc. to Corm., the smith Goibniu aimed a blow at every intruder in his forge with his `ness' or moulding-block, thereby raising a lump (cnoc) on his victim's body of the shape of the `ness', hence the name; a fanciful derivation of a word prob. originally different from 2 nes(s). nes [neas v.l.] .i. crecht, O'Dav. 1294. neas .i. crecht, Lec. Gl. 465 = nes, 272 M . neas .i. cnoc. n.¤ .i. crécht, O'Cl. Cf. nissi .i. crécht, O'Cl.; neasaim `I wound', O'R., and nesaigid. neas .i. ainm ratha, Metr. Gl. Ff. 18 may be due to a misunderstanding of the gl. .i. cnoc.